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Thread: Raft And Equipment Rental Experiences

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    Default Raft And Equipment Rental Experiences

    Can anyone share their experiences, good or bad, with raft and equipment rental companies they have used on fly out trips? I'm looking to do one next summer and like to know what you're experiences have been with the different companies offering these services. Thanks for the information.


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    Default alaska downstream

    I rented 2 pro-pioneer rafts from alaska downstream in anchorage 2 years ago. They sent the rafts to aniak ahead of me so they were waiting when I got there. They had all the gear needed and everything worked as intended. The price was less than I had expected for a 2 week float plus shipping. I would ABSOLUTELY use them again!

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    Rent a Sotar from Goo. He sold me mine and is a salt of the earth guy. He ships rafts all over Alaska and I recommend him highly. Below is his contact info.

    Alaska Wildwater
    Attn: Goo Vogt
    Anchorage, AK
    Ph 907-345-4308
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    We didn't do a flyout, but did rent rafts for a drift this past year from

    Fair Price, worked with us regarding scheduling, being flexable on the drop off and pick up. Also a last minute glitch on our part put us short a raft. One phone call to them put on back on track.

    The owner is also a great soruce of information, not just about the rivers and fishing. We were looking at doing a glacier crossing and he had actually been where we were looking and provided some good guidance.

    However you go, hope your trip is great.


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