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Thread: Raft/ Equipment Rental Recommendations

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    Default Raft/ Equipment Rental Recommendations

    Can anyone share their experiences, good or bad, with raft and equipment rental companies they have used on fly out trips? I'm looking to do one next summer and like to know what you're experiences have been with the different companies offering these services. Thanks for the information.


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    I can't comment on it because I am Bias!!!! Sorry just the way I am :-)

    I will give you my 2 cents for what it is worth.

    Couple of issues - If you opt to rent from an transportor or raft rental company ask some of the following questions:

    What type of Boats do you offer in your rental package i.e. slef bailing, non bailing NRS, AIRE, SOTAR, Gary King, SOAR, ZEBEC etc...... How old and what condition are your rentals in?

    What type of frame package is included in your rentals? Some Transporters and rental companies offer several options and of course of with options comes a price difference. As an example you might find that your rental package is a paddle package and on a ten day float on a remote river with lots of gear that may not be your best option.

    Does any additional equipment come with the rental i.e. Dry Bags, Coolers, extra Life Jackets etc... Some places offer a basic package and charge additional for lets say more life jackets and dry bags and some don't.

    Do you deliver the rental to the nearest air port? and is there a charge for the service? Again some will go the extra mile some will not.

    Bets of luck with your float and choices.

    Blue Moose


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