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Thread: What kind of mileage does a 700 sportsman get?

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    Default What kind of mileage does a 700 sportsman get?

    2003 700 sportsman. What does this thing get for gas mileage assuming just riding at a speed of 10-20, over pretty flat ground. Like jim creek?

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    Too many variables to answer your question with any accuracy. Outdoor temp., humidity, air filter flow, rider weight, gear/equipment weight, average rpms, and tire size/tread (to name a few items) all determine fuel mileage. Does it have a clutch kit, aftermarket pipe, or over sized tires? Most folks don't look at mpg on quads because there are too many variables. The same quad can get drastically different mpg on the same trail with two different riders on the same day.

    To give you an example: My stock Grizzly 700 (at Jim Creek) during the summer time would go from the pavilion parking lot to the glacier and back on half a tank of fuel (5.3 gallon tank size). I added an aftermarket pipe, fuel controller, and gutted the air box for higher flow rate and I am just about on empty on the same trip now...but the ride is much more fun now!!!

    I would recommend you test this quad out in different conditions and find out what it will do with you riding it.
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