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Thread: Newbie cooking for 10 people need help!!!

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    Default Newbie cooking for 10 people need help!!!

    I started taking up camping in Ohio this year (camping in zero degree weather in January and February). I'll be camping a few more times before I have a big August camping trip planned in Vermont with my sister and my nephews. There will be about ten of us and I'm looking for ideas about what kind of cooking equipment would be good. There are a lot of options out there, so I'd like to hear about equipment that has worked well for you.


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    What kind of camping are you doing? This will make a big difference in the reccomendations! Are you going to tenting it or staying in an RV? Are you going to be camping next to your car? Using a canoe and camping along a lake? Or hiking in carrying everything on your back? How many days are you planning to spend?
    You are definately right about there being a lot of choices, but that is a good thing since you can taylor it to exactly what you will be doing!

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    When camp cooking for a group I like to use at least one very hot stove; 50,000 BTU or better. Makes a large pot of anything get hot fast. It also heats up dish washing water, or even shower water without wasting time. A turkey deep fryer propane stove will work, but I prefer a collapsible type like this one at NRS:

    I also use a Dutch Oven, mostly for deserts. They're great to camp cook with anyway, but most aren't large enough for the main dish for big groups.

    I start a desert in the Dutch oven first, then set up the "blaster" for a big pot of whatever, and then use a conventional camp stove for any side dishes. You have to plan it all out ahead of time if you want to have it all done in time for dinner. I also put all of each day's camp food in separate containers, so I know what to set out when setting up camp. The exceptions are cooler items and a standard collection of spices.

    You can find recipes for group camping at Boy Scout websites. Another good source is Byron's Dutch Oven Cooking:


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