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Thread: Prator lake

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    Default Prator lake

    anyone have any info on Prator lake in the valley???? looking for a little bit of pike fishing fun. not looking for anything big, just some little ones for the kids to bring in..

    if not prator, anyone have any suggestions for pike in the valley?? I have researched the thread here already.... like I said, not looking for big ones, just some action for the kids. thanks ya'll.


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    Three years ago, the hardest hit I have ever received on a tip up came in the lake. He pulled out at least 40 feet of line and lost him after he came up to the hole and made another run, hooks came out. BIG FISH.

    Caught a 25" later that year. but after the pike derbies they've had I don't know if there is much in there anymore. There were hundreds of holes all over there and 0 blood around any of them.
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