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Thread: Ptarmmie F&G E/O june 2009

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    Default Ptarmmie F&G E/O june 2009

    not sure if any one has seen or missed this one but bag limits for units 12, 20, and 25C... go from 20 per day to 5 per day March one...

    just a reminder does not sound like limits are being reached on a regular basis... but march is a few months off when it warms and it is easy to forget and exceed a limit is used to 20...
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    I was aware of that but thats still a great tip. Thanks Vince!

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    Default another reminder.... Closed Ptarmigan area

    Most of you probably already know but the Paxson area 13B is closed to Ptarmigan now...closed Nov 30th.
    It used to be a reduced bag limit, now it is totally closed.


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