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Thread: Coming to AK in July. Need fly fishing advice.

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    Default Coming to AK in July. Need fly fishing advice.

    My name's John and I am new to this forum. I recently retired from the Post Office and I am planning on being in Alaska in July 2010 for 3 weeks. I have never been to Alaska and would like any and all advice on cheap accomodations or campgrounds, necessary fly equipment and patterns, and which rivers are good for wade fishing. I plan to go to the Kenai peninsula and hopefully travel to Denali.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    P.S. looking for trout, salmon, grayling or dolly varden.

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    As far as lodging is concerned I would stick with B&B's or cabins, they are the best value for staying in a place. As far as camping is concered there are pull-offs on the road that you can usually stay at for free, some of the other guys can clarify where.

    As far as flies are concerned; flesh flies, egg patterns (beads are better), flash flies, alaskabou and popsickles have been my go-to patterns for various species of salmon and bows. For grayling I mainly used trout flies (dries and nymphs) and seemed to do very well on them.

    As far as equipment; 4-5wt for grayling, 7-8wt for everything else. Floating lines will work fine in most situations but a good intermediate sink is helpful if you decide to go after reds.

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    Good advice posted, there, I would also add that you purchase a copy of The Highway Angler, it should be available on this sites bookstore. It is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to cover that much ground in that short a period of time.
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    July terrible time to come to many fisherman, try November. Seriously 3 weeks in July, wow makes us all jealous.

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    If you have the time, make the drive up. That way you have your wheels and all your gear with you.
    As already posted, get a copy of the highway angler. It will point you in the right direction.
    Once you get a copy of the highway angler plan your trip out. What areas you are going to fish at what times and for what species. Then come back to this board and ask specific questions regarding those locations, times, and species and what you need to catch them. You will get much better info with a specific location than just timing alone.
    For grayling, I would do Tangle Lakes and the surrounding rivers. Anytime in July will be fine. All you basic trout flyfishing gear will work great. The bead head pheasant tail being the best nymph and an elk hair caddis for dries, size 12 to 16 for both.

    Good luck!

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    Default Got phone?

    Sounds like you're restricted to July and on a limited budget, but the plan you've sketched sounds pretty broad to me. Limiting your trip to wadable, road-accessible streams will help cone things down. Solitude and salmon are usually mutually exclusive along the road system. If catching fish is a priority, guided daytrips will be your best bet. The learning curve can be steep here; complex regulations, seasonal fish runs, limited knowledge about access and a few hazards along rivers here - not all 4-legged. Accommodations...I think your best value will be tent camping, but good Kenai campgrounds or Denali campgrounds will fill up fast, so inquire about those reservations soon.

    As posted, books are a good source, Highway Angler in particular as AH suggested - and avail in the bookstore for these forums. Also, try using the Advanced Search feature. You can often find specific topics. Or sometimes I just browse a forum, like Flyfishing...looks like the last page goes back to May, 2006. Most members are happy to answer specific questions if you send them a PM.

    Good (slow) time of the year to give the local fly shops a call. Usually this time of year, they're happy to chat awhile when I drop by. Very approachable and they know the area well. If they're busy, call back, or check out their websites, or email them. Below are my favorites. Best of luck.

    3 Rivers Fly and Tackle Shops
    390 Railroad Ave.
    Wasilla, Alaska 99654
    Call us at 907-373-5434

    World Wide Angler
    2375 E 63rd Ave #2
    Anchorage, Alaska 99507
    (907) 561-0662
    (907) 561-1475

    McAfee's Fly Shop
    750 West Dimond Blvd.
    Anchorage, Alaska 99515
    Voice: (907) 344-1617


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