I have no relationship to cooks illustrated (magazine, and .com) except that of being a subscriber to both. My issue came today in the mail and I loved it.

One article reviews 40 different home fire extinguishers, tested using real fires. Especially in Alaska you have to be self reliant in this regard of course. Most home fires are cooking related and if you don't get it extinguished quickly you won't, it says. I got halfway through the article while it was talking about one model that just dribbled a little bit and about the writer running away from his test fire, leaving the room on fire! (He was in a firefighter's training room.)

That made me go check the brand of mine, located 5 feet from my stove. Skipping to the final word of the article showed I'd lucked out. My Kidde BC extinguisher was at the top of their list, even above the Kidde ABC.

I'd bought my Kidde after scaring myself by expanding one of my meat recipes to put my cast iron skillet plus oil on high until it smoked before searing the meat.

The article is here:
but I think they limit how much or how long you can look at their site before they ask you to pay, so be warned.

And in the same issue is the only recipe I'm aware of ever published anywhere for pulled pork without using a smoker - a recipe I've attempted to hone for many months now in case my family reunion dinner this March for 35 people must be done without a smoker. Wow. I'm doin' the happy dance.