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    Default handgun hunting

    when hunting with a handgun how far is to far with a handgun and what is good caliber to hunt deer and moose with ..

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    Default depends on how much you shoot

    I like the 44mag S/W 5" barrel. I would shoot 50yards on either deer or moose.

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    Default too many variables to answer

    Depends on what you are shooting?
    Thompson Encore in 30-06 with a 15in barrell, 9x scope and a bipod? Probably a couple hundred yards if you get a proper rest.
    44mag with a 6" barrel and iron sites - less than that.

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    thanks for the info ..i have a friend who handgun hunts and he telling me about the hunting with a handgun and what he animals that he hunts ..

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    With my 8&3/8 mod 29 with red dot I feel comfortable out to 100 yds. That's with 320gr hardcast bullets. Practice is the key.
    I'm now shooting a 480 SRH (just getting started with it) with red dot & am hoping to make it about the same.
    If you are interested in handgun hunting check out this site.
    Vance in AK.

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    Wild West Guns Had a Freedom Arms .454 premier with a 10" and a Leupold 2.5X to 8X scope........I'll bet it would lay a moose down at 250 to 300 yards.

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    Furthest I've ever taken game with an open sighted revolver was a deer at a lasered 76 yards- a 7 1/2" Ruger Redhawk with express sights, 44 mag. Furthest with a scoped single shot was another deer at 246 lasered yards with a TC Contender, 14" 7mm TCU and 4x scope.

    I've killed a truck load of deer over the years with revolvers in 38 Special, 357 mag, 357 max, 41 mag, 44 special, 44 mag, 45 colt, and 454. I have killed a handful with semis in 9mm, 40mm and 45 ACP- enough to convince me that with the bullets I managed to try it was a very bad idea, basically due to small meplats on cast and inconsistent expansion on jacketed. With the TC I've taken another truck load with 357, 357 max, 44 mag, 30 Herret, 35 Rem, 357 Herret, 6mm TCU, 7mm TCU and 7mm Waters.

    Moose have been at 21 yards with the same Redhawk, 48 yards with the TC and a 10" scoped (2x) 357 Herret barrel and 35 yards (estimated) with a TC 14" scoped 35 Rem barrel. Three elk have fallen to the Redhawk inside 50 yards, but no laser. Another elk dropped to the 357 Herret at around 50 yards.

    Favorite hunting handgun, bar none, is the 7 1/2" 44 mag Redhawk with express sights.

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    I sure do like my Redhawk.I have a 7 1/2 in 41 mag.I made my filed my sites down. shoot out to 75 yards eazy.Derr and yots is all I have taken.


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    Used to hunt hand gun only. 44mag revolver about 50 yards is your max, little further with a longer barrle. I harvested several 100 yard plus white tail with my .223 contender before moving to Alaska.
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    I kept handgun and rifle shots under a hundred yards and prefer pistol shots at 25 yards.Thats what makes me feel like a hunter.


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