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Thread: Rear deck cover

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    Default Rear deck cover

    I saw a boat last season that inspired me. He had a square tube aluminum frame (that could hold some weight and take some weather) and what looked like a fiberglass to make a nice hard cover. The guy had his inflatable on top of the main cabin and the add on fish deck cover. I liked the idea since it looked much more solid than a light aluminum pole framed bimini top. My boat has a long fishing deck that would sure be nice with a frame and cover. I'm sure I'll have to fabricate the frame myself. Does anyone have a set-up like this or has built one. Ideas, and what not to do's. Pics would be a help.

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    Default great service

    You are doing what I did a few years back

    Contact this guy..better yet go by his shop and see what he is willing to do for your boat.. I forgot his name..but he does an awesome job on all boats....use your imagination or his...either way great job.

    Alaska Fiberglass Solutions

    P O Box 140371,
    Anchorage, AK 99501

    (907) 744-7127


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