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Thread: Speaking of Christmas Presents . . . .

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    Question Speaking of Christmas Presents . . . .

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, but with all of its traffic, I figured this would be my best shot.

    I have a good friend from the Lower 48 and while visiting him last September on an elk hunt, he related his story of his first trip to Alaska. It sounded like quite an adventure! Among other high points, he was able to harvest a B&C caribou. The only downside was that, looking back on it, he was unable to take the cape, and preserve the memories of his adventure like he has with so many other trophies. Since that hunt, he has been very successful (business wise) and has had the opportunity (and ability) to mount many deer, elk, bear, etc ...

    Since he has been so successful, he is one of those 'hard to buy for' people. If there is something he wants, he goes out and gets it.

    My question is this: where would I start looking for a nice caribou cape? and, how much would I expect to pay for one? (since I haven't been nearly as successful)

    I think it would mean alot to him to be able to do this.

    Now I do realize that I am probably too late for 'Christmas', but he has a birthday in January that I think will make up for it.

    I appreciate your help.

    -- Gambler

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    Call around to the Taxidermist in your area, they are usually not that hard to find.

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    I just called the Anchorage Fur Factory at 105 W 4th Ave. For about $140 you can buy one there.
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    Default Caribou Cape

    I have one in my freezer. Still needs fleshed/tanned. Make me an offer. Nice white mane.


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