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Thread: a rifle strap for me...

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    Smile a rifle strap for me...

    My youngest daughter drew me for Christmas. So I am now the fortunate owner of a quality made rifle sling callled "Trader Keith's Rifle Strap". The 1.5" sling is made from cotton and leather with a couple of thin silicone rubber strips, that look like stitching, running the length of it. The web site says it is made for double and large caliber magazine rifles. This is a very good looking and practical sling that is going on my 24" octagon barreled Marlin 1895, in caliber 45-70 Govt. If you are in the market for a good sling you may want to check it out. I feel like slinging the rifle, putting my Filson Packer hat on and taking a hike. Is it spring yet?

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    I have been hooked on the Montana slings ever since I bought the first one... That weird sliding knot is a cool idea.
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    This sounds worth looking into. I have become super picky about slings ever since a plastic buckle snapped on one of mine and I got to watch my rifle lawn dart into the trail from the back of a quad!


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