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Thread: becomming a pilot

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    Default becomming a pilot

    I am relocating to Alaska in a few months to live and work. I have always wanted to return, I was born in Anchorage and lived in St Michael 40 years ago and only to return to see my father in the summers. Can someone offer me advise or direction to a great fixed wing instructor? I will be living in Anchorage and working some around Kenai the first six months to a year. Thank you and I am finally coming home! thank God.


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    Default welcome home

    Welcome home Mike, glad to hear someone living their dream's.

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    Default Artics Air Academy in Palmer

    Artic is a friend of mine and has a good program and great instructors working for him. He is also a commercial pilot and has more hours than I can count under his belt in various aircraft. If anything, he can point you in the right direction if he can't help you as he is a stand up guy. Good luck!
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    Kenai used to have the Alaska Flying Network, but Chip closed up shop. In Soldotna M.A.R.C. was still doing primary instruction.

    Drive down to Homer sometime this summer and I will show you some float plane flying... That should help keep your interest up...
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