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Thread: Cook Inlet last July

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    Guys one thing i never got time to do last summer July 14-22nd when i was up was chase silver salmon in the Homer, Anchor Point, Pt. Pogi area. How was the Silver fishing last year about that time in the salt? We hit the butts and did great, Nothing over 30lbs and hit the reds very hard on the Kenai and did very well there. I was in my buddies boat when his wife hit a nice king on the Kenai. I will be up this year July 13-24th and would love to hit a Silver in the salt. I will be in Homer again this year. My buddy has a boat with riggers and i brought up all the tackle needed. Just checking to see if its worth the while to chase silvers in the salt that time of year.

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    Even down in Homer you will likely be a couple weeks too early! You might get lucky and hit a few the last part of your trip around the spit. My experience is that they don't show in fishable numbers until the first week of August and it gets better each week from there.


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