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Thread: Introducing Nitro!

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    Default Introducing Nitro!

    I attached a few pics of my new chocolate lab pup Nitro. I picked him up from Trinity labs in Ohio during Thanksgiving. He was born on 9/11.
    We have been trying to do our best to train him. In the house he has sit, heel, come and retrieving down pat but he gets distracted really easy. I'm hoping that's just the pup in him.
    It's been an experience having our first puppy in the house. He continually gives my wife’s two cats hell and he knocked the Christmas tree over twice. It took a little while to get him house trained (knock on wood) no mistakes for the last two weeks!
    I don't know very much about duck hunting here so I plan training him mainly for ptarmigan hunting. I have read Gun Dog by Richard Wolters and Dog training by Jason Smith. He seems like his training is coming along really good so far.
    If anybody in the Anchorage area with a pup wants to get together for some training sessions feel free to let me know.
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    Congratulations on your newest family member. I would add the book "Hey pup, fetch it up" to your library. What ever training program you settle on, remember it's for life. Don't get tired and let down on any plan, ever.
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    I'd recommend checking out the training video by wildrose kennels. The dvd is well worth the money and covers hand signals / FF and teaches it in a manner that isn't intimidating to an amature trainer.



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