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Thread: Camp Fire...Sep. 2009

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    Default Camp Fire...Sep. 2009

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    Default hey thats my campfire!

    It looks identical to fires I have had...

    I am going to have a fire on News Year eve this year..
    and think about your fire and how it made your camp a home.

    ....... He waved to me from the high bank so I stopped my boat ...When I crawled up the steep bank to his camp, I was invited to share a place near his fire.
    we smiled and told stories and shared events, of what we saw today, and also what we saw and heard from hunts gone by..
    I poked at his fire, A small log on my side was just smoldering and to far away from the hot flame to stay lit, it was needing to be a little closer to hold the fire? Using my boot toe was the wrong tool and it upset a log sitting on the top of the fire.. It rolled off and the wrong way. I quickly apologized for tampering with his fire, and the both of us set the log back using our leather gloves..
    I pulled some smoked moose jerk from my Zip lock bag that was handy in my pocket and shared it with my guest, He shared his pot of boiled coffee with me.
    A half hour later, I knew his name, where he was from, and a few good stories from his life.
    He is welcome at my fire anytime, because now we have started a friendship.
    One thing I will remember about our visit at his fire,, was that both of us hate to burn a fire with pole in it,, It really pisses me off to see those pole burning fires,, you know the ones where the lazy bugger just lays a pole over the top of his fire pit, and lets the pole burn in two and then puts that end in the fire and keeps doing that with the pole....
    it looks unkept, and lazy to me, and it creates smoke, much more than a fire made with wood that fits the pit...
    this last season on the Yukon River I had a guy I brought with me that thought buring a pole fire was ok...
    I protested and said not in my camp,,, so he goes to show me that he is going to do it anyway..
    I blew it off but as the week progressed I noticed he was a lazy slob in other areas also, and by the end of the trip, I had decided I would never be trapped in a camp with this guy again,,,, so remember... beware of the guy that burns a pole fire...
    Unless you are a pole fire burner also,,,, you two cats can camp together next time...
    When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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