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    Default Volvo mechanic

    I need a good mechanic to look at my SeaSport Volvo inboard. I suspect manifold gasket leak. Any recommendations in Anchorage or the Valley?

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    I checked into this when I got my Volvo Penta, and at least for diesels the guy to go to is Jerry in Seward. Based on what I have heard and experienced, I would even tow my boat down to him if it were sitting in Anchorage. Not sure if this is the same for gas motors or not.
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    Took my friends boat to a guy in Anchorage (near Int'l Airport behind Heatland) and totally not worth it. He worked outta his house and was less than professional and even less knowledgable...take a trip to a port or reputable dealer...
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    Default Ditto's on Jerry

    He owns Seward Heavy Industrial Power (SHIP) 224-3854 and he is the Penta Volvo mechanic I work with, I have a 2003 5.7 Gx-i 280 hp. The last two years have been great with quality work and good advice. Before Jerry ir was very expensive and results were at best random.

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    What about Odie's (Anchorage)?

    I haven't used his shop per se, but have bought parts from him for my Volvo, he seemed to know his stuff, was friendly, gave advice and his shop was full.
    I last went there about 3 years ago now.

    Anyone else got input on him?

    Good luck.

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    I own a 24' Seasport. I have used Seward Industrial with good results.

    Closer to home and just as good is Noahs Marine in south Anchorage. If you let someone else work on your boat, be ready for a "discussion". The guy cares to a fault. He leaves the boat like he owns it, and sometimes acts like he does!
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    Default NOAH Marine

    Andy at Noah Marine has done all the work on my 28' Bayliner Contessa w/7.4L Penta duoprop gasoline engine, and is meticulous. I've been extremely pleased with his professionalism and workmanship. I even have him on speed dial :-). 349-4422.

    He's tucked away at 8707 Corbin Dr. (South of Abbott across from the Home Depot)

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    Default Diesel Mechanics

    Any good diesel mechanics in the Anchorage/Valley area?


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