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Thread: successful moose hunt

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    Default successful moose hunt

    I got back from my moose hunt on Ft. Rich. I got my first moose. I harvested a 32" bull finally after all that snow stopped. I didn't see many but I think the weather had a large part in that. The first day the weather cleared I started to see moose. Not living in Anchorage, I didn't have a lot of time to scout. I would like to thank all those who responded to my pleas for help. A special thanks to YHC, and Steely.
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    Default Awesome

    And the success stories linger on! Thats really cool. That looks like a good situation for field care.

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    Congrats, on a great bow kill.Tell a little more about your hunt.
    Again Congrats!!

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    Default Congrats!

    Well done, any bow kill is a truly rewarding experience!
    I agree - give us some inputs!

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    Man, there is nothing better than caring for meat in the snow. Bighorse is right on that one.

    Congrats on the excellent moose! Add a photo to our photo gallery for posterity.

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    WHOHOO!! Nice job! And first moose to boot huh? Merry Christmas! It's a pretty awesome thing when you knock down one those big critters for the first time and walk up to it... whooeee....

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    Default Ft. Rich

    thanks. I spent the whole day before the season scouting. I was there in the summer, but I spent that time getting familiar with the different areas. Right off the bat, a nice bull about 50" ran right in front of me and then stopped to feed. Needless to say I never saw him again despite my efforts. The next 3 days of hunting provided only 1 cow sighting. The snow was coming down pretty hard and visibility was down. I did cut some fresh tracks on thursday and 3 hours of tracking a bull without a sighting. The weather finally cleared and I was able to go into the southern portion of the south post. With good vis I spotted a cow after a small hike. To far to go after, we decided to continue up the trail. The father we went and the closer to the alpine we got, the more moose we began to see. We were headed up to some others we spotted when I saw this bull right off the trail. It was perfect setup except for when he stopped at 25 yds, he stopped with his shoulder back, leaving me without a shot. he crossed the trail and I followed and after a couple hundred yds, he turned broadside and gave me a 35 yd shot. I got lung and he only went about 60 yds and died within a minute. Good thing because with snowshoes the snow was thigh deep. With the help of my hunting partner we spent the evening and next morning getting him out of there.

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    Thumbs up game down in snow

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian M View Post
    Man, there is nothing better than caring for meat in the snow. ...
    That's for sure; I wish I was getting a moose from the snow into my freezer right this second! But I'm happy for you too.

    Great job with your bow. When you get to a point where you're just resting up from all that fun and work, please post more info on how it went. Congrats!
    Last edited by FamilyMan; 12-26-2009 at 19:01. Reason: Oops, we posted at the same time there. Thanks for the more info Sheep97. And again, congratulations!

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    Default congrats!

    Nice moose. Nothing as exciting as the first one!

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    well done!!

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    Congratulations Sheep97! that first one will live in the memory like no other!
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    Smile Nice work

    I'm glad to see it all worked out for you I hope I was of some help. Thats a great looking moose!!


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