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    Default 13 whaler

    I've got a 13' Boston Whaler without an engine right now. I keep looking at it and thinking of throwing a jet unit on it and towing it up north somewhere just to do a few river runs.

    Has anybody ever done this with fiberglass boat? Or a Whaler?

    I'm thinking if I roll it over this spring and reinforce the chines thick with glass it would take a few rocks and gravel bars. I know it wouldn't pack much fuel being it's very small. But I'm thinking with say 20 gallons and a 40hp four stroke jet unit I could get a some range enough for a sheep hunt.

    I'm concerned about taking on water in white water conditions and capacity really.

    What rivers would you recommend for this application?

    It is light enough that with some ingenuity and equipment a launch could be accomplished without a ramp.

    I'm thinking of the Copper and some of the tributaries off the top of my head. I know there is an over-the-counter tag for sheep off the Copper that accessible via boat. I wouldn't want to head up into the Brooks with it.


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    I grew up with those boats back Boston Whalers!! Having said that I have also seen them not float so well after running up on rocks. My neighbors misjudged the opening at the bridge and ripped a gapping hole in the way to fix it and the boat was a total loss...he may have been going 10 knots. Not so sure it would survive a hit on the river but if you knew the area you might not have to take the chance...just the fiberglass may rip and tear than just punch a hole. Good Luck!!!
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