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Thread: What was in your stocking?

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    Default What was in your stocking?

    Anybody get any new gear for Christmas they'd like to brag on?

    Seems that several of us have some pretty thoughtful spouses and friends that occasionally bestow some snazzy gear on us for our outdoor adventures.

    My spouse left a pair of Neos River Trekkers under the tree and I'm pretty anxious to try them out this summer.

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    Default Wow!

    Wife bought me a Kimber Talkeetna 375 H&H Magnum. I haven't been this giddy over a Christmas present since a Grandfather gave me a .22 rifle for a Christmas present when I was maybe 9 years old. Too Cool...

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    Default Good Christmas

    The Wife got me a Caldwell Lead Sled + and a box of blue federal 30/06 ammo.


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    I got a sitka jacket,two pair of sitka pants,a sitka beane , a pair of hip boats and a Oregon ducks hat no guns. Maybe next year

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    Default Mrs. Clause

    My wife got me a a nice set of Minox 10 by 43 HG Binocs.....much thanks to the boys at Cameraland for taking real nice care of her in the process.

    Also cam with a tripod adapter which I've modified nicely to set onto my Outdoorsman Hunting Tripod. I gotta get out and shoot some stuff with this new gear!
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    Default Santa got me:

    2 ice fishing rods, auger, scoop and ice fishing lures

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    I hung up a pair of petet(sp) panty hose in HOPES, and wife put a couple lumps of COAL in them.

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    My wife gave me her approval on the Phantom Sport Jon with an upgraded bottom I'm buying for Christmas... a guy couldn't ask for more!
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    I got a new Nils Ice auger with a Tanaka power head, and a Vexilar FL-20, courtesy of.... myself
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    Brand new Cross Fox from Northern Sled Works, 10' in blue. Gore-Tex down parka from Cabela's, peanut grinder, led worklite. Memories with our kids meant alot more though.
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