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Thread: Ulu pattern

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    Default Ulu pattern

    A friend here on the boards asked about making local type Ulus.
    Kobuk river Ulus are "U" shaped, but are made to be held one direction, with a tip at about 9 '0clock and the other end at 4 'oclock if held in the right hand, about the same way you would hold a saw while cutting upon a saw horse.
    Women use them for all meats and fish, as well as small ones for sewing.
    An old saw can be used to make three consecutivly smaller Ulus, sometimes four. You can put wood or antler for a handle, but you will need to put a hole wherever that is.
    The edge is l\ in finish and with a one sided edge, it pushes the cut stuff away.

    Since a picture helps ALOT, I knew I had one on my Photo bucket "Somewhere" and I found it.

    Hope that help those who want the best Pizza cutter ever
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    Default Ulus

    Thanks for this. This is good.
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    Default Just right steel composition...

    in saw blades for holding an edge I guess? ... and widely available.
    This pattern from a handsaw seems would make a light, sharp blade - easy to handle.

    I've seen knife blades cut from larger saw blades, with heavier steel better suited to other uses.

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    I was out on the Yukon last summer and the Native guy that I talked to there used old circular saw blades. Seemed to work good...


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