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Thread: Which one do you miss most?

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    Default Which one do you miss most?

    So with the recent theft of one of my firearms, I have been thinking back to all the ones that have passed through my hands over the years. Which gun that you have sold, traded, lost, or had stolen do you want back the most.

    Mine would have to be the Lew Horton Classic Snub that I traded off a couple of years ago. It was a darn sweet shooting pistol and cool to boot being a 3" round butt N frame, chambered for the 45ACP cartridge. I just didn't use it as much as I used to and a nice SxS shotgun was calling my name, I still have the shotgun and its nice but I find myself using it less than I did the big S&W.

    So tell me about the one you let slip away when you shouldn't have.

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    This could be a depressing thread...

    I really miss a Steyr Scout Rifle that I sold when I moved up here. Wish I still had that one as well as a beat to snot M70 in .375.

    Also miss a nickel Colt Python 4" that I traded in my early twenties- when I had no blamed ideal what I actually had. Traded it for something utterly forgettable.

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    I'd have to say the one I miss the most is a Euro-spec browning Hi-power dual caliber. It had two barrels and different magazines, for 9 mil and .41 AE.

    I was told in some european countries, the law limits folks to a single firearm, thus the reason for the popularity of dual-caliber weapons. The one I had somehow found it's way over to the US, and I wound up trading is for a 30-06. Nowadays I kick myself every time I think of it for letting it go.

    The other 299,300,000 people can have it.

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    As corny as it sounds, an 18" barreled Uberti Single Action in 45 Colt with a detachable shoulder stock. Just a lot of fun to shoot, always got comments and could pretty regularly bounce prestone jugs at 200 to 250 yards. A hospital bill 25 years ago forced some difficult decisions and I think I got a whopping 200 bucks for it. Haven't been able to find a replacement that has the detachable stock since.

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    Talking 6.5 Swede

    I had a 6.5 Swede carbine with a custom made white oak stock w/schnaubel forend. Slickest rifle I've ever owned. Traded it off because of no cartridge selection (except for military surplus ammo. I didn't reload at the time and I wanted more effective killing power. I'd just about do anything, short of suicide, to have that little baby back.
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    Default Got mine back!

    Well not the exact gun, but a suitable repalcement. The first rifle I bought myself was a Remington Model 760 in 270. Paid less than 200 for it and used it for years. Got a hair brained idea to trade up and regretted the decision almost immediately.

    Lo and behold, I ran across a beat up and in need of TLC Remington 760 in 270 a couple years ago, less than 200. I spent the winter stripping the wood and metal down and redoing them and now have an identical replacement in the gun safe!

    Keep your eye out for that one gun you wish you had back, you may find it.

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    I had an auction a couple of years ago and I had a Savage 110 .308 tactical with a Burris 8X32X50 Blackdiamond scope and harris bipod that went for $250.00!!!! I specifically told the auctioneer this had a reserve on it and somehow wires were crossed and by the time I heard what it sold for I was too late. That chaps my hide to this day!

    I let a Colt Anaconda 6" stainless .357 go on a trade I wish I still had and a .44 Blackhawk as well.

    A sad thread indeed.


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    Unhappy crap...

    Bad memories. Why did I sell the 6" and 4" S&W K .22's ?

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    Default Sold rifle

    Strangely enough it was a old Ruger M77 in 7MM. When i was new to the Air force I picked it up at a local pawn/gun shop in Ogden Ut. That was a smoth action, flat shootin rifle. It wasnt pretty but it never failed me. I sold it to pay bills! I guess newly married with a baby took priorty. Ive looked for a replacement but there was something about that rifle. Im not sure i like this post to think about it! Hillbilly

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    Default sad

    Great idea for a thread! I had a bunch of guns stolen twice so know how you feel. I have 4 I would like back.. the first is an old Savage 110 30/06 of my dads (it was stolen) The second my grandad gave me it was an old Savage 99 in 300 savage. (this gun was "misplaced" by my oldest daughter out at my trapline!) The 3rd like HILLBILLY was a ruger 77 in 7 mag. that gun just didnt miss! I killed a lot of game with it. (traded to a young kid for his 22! he couldnt afford a big game rifle) The 4th was another savage 99 in 358 still cant believe I sold it!

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    Sheesh! Where do I start? I can think of a dozen or so that I grieve for. I had a Marlin 1894 44 mag stolen a while back. If I could get my hands on that individual, know! I killed a whole truck load of Missouri whitetails with that gun and still visualize every scratch and ding on it and remember how most of them got there. That one getting away wasn't intended to happen.

    The one that I sold out of stupidity was a an old plain jane Remington 700 ADL in 22-250. I hunted coyotes with that gun for 3 years and it was magical. Almost every coyote that I shot at with that gun died. Maybe not the first round but before the magazine was empty. I had to jump on the AR bandwagon and traded the 22-250 and a couple others off for a Colt AR-15. I missed the first half dozen that I shot at with the black gun and a whole bunch more that year. I've been shooting a bolt gun ever since and though my Ruger 77 243 has accounted for lots of coyotes since then I still wish I had it back.

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    i lost a 20 year collection in a house fire in 03, nearly 40K worth...i hap plenty of TOYS in it but the ones i would have to say i miss the most...

    savage single shot 20 Ga given to me by dad at age 13
    the Rem. 22-250 given to me by him at 16
    and my grand fathers bolt action 30/30...

    keep this in mind while some of you safe shop... a GOOD fire rating on a safe is ONLY BECAUSE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FIGHTING THE FIRE...

    most of mine were in a Browning safe. that after going through a 7000 deg fire was usless... safes are to be on out side walls where fire fighters are spraying water... it got so hot inside the safe.. all that was left of my AK's was a few inches of barrel... we lived out side fire service
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    Default Lets see

    The all original Model 71 in the 348 or the Mint Pre-64 in a 264 winchester westerner

    The guns I would love to have back

    Savage 99 pre-mil in a 243 my 1st rifle
    Savage 110L 7 Mag when they used for real wood
    Savage 110L 243
    Model 70PF 30-06 carbine
    Model 70PF 25-06 great rifle
    700 Classic 35 Whelen
    721 in a 270
    721 in a 300H&H
    Oh I better stop this list could go on forever

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    A 6" nickel Python I sold to my brother 30 years ago. He still has it and won't sell it back.
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    Only guns of any description I miss were the ones stolen over the years.
    Only because I didn't have a chance to sell them first.

    When you have several hundred you don't miss to many other wise.

    The only ones I ever feel really close to have been .22 rimfires, for some reason they are the only ones I really have a special place in my heart for.
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    I really miss two, one a Reminton model 600 .222 carbine with a vent rib. Ugly as sin but a light handy gun. It had a few pits in the bore and that bothered me more than it should have, it would still shoot 3/4" or less and I dropped many a critter with it. I thought I would prefer a full size .223 or 22/250, turns out NOT.

    The other is a S&W model 41 with the 5-1/2" barrel. Heavy, but I shot it well. I decided it was too heavy in a holster to pack around so away I traded it for a pre-64 M-70 .270, what a club, never got used to that rifle. I picked up another model 41 but it has a 7-1/4" barrel and doesn't have the same feel.
    It doesn't matter what you miss them with.

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    Default Sore subject!

    Browning lever in 270 win, sold, Winchester 94 anniversary lever 30-30, makes me cry, sold. 38 special Taurus ultralite revolver, stolen out of the truck which really pisses me off because of the damage to the truck.

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    Man this is depressing........

    The worst;;;

    My early S&W model 29 6.5 inch that was stolen from Navy housing (Newport RI) in late 1980-early 81. It had been rebuilt by the gunsmith I worked for while in high school. He died while I was on active duty and it would have been the last thing he handed me, had it not been stolen by the brother in law of sonar tech on my ship. Newport RI cops did not care because I was active duty from Alaska and had a 44 mag. The NIS cops did not care because the burglar crook was a civilian dope dealer, and why the heck did I think I needed a 44 mag anyway...??

    Second Worst;;

    A Springfield M1A super match with a Douglas air gauge barrel, heavy duty scope mount all glass bedded into a E2 type stock with a military issue bipod. With a 3.5x10 Leupold scope.
    I had a job transfer and my ex-wife did nothing but spend money between selling one house and buying another. I had to sell that rifle and several others for pennies on the dollar. I think I only got $600 out of nearly $2,000 bucks worth of rifle and scope. Then I ended up getting a divorce anyway...
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    A couple come to mind, but, I most sorely miss a Colt python 4" (I think thats the 3rd one on this thread that I read). Later I looked up the serial # and it was made the year I was born, 1964, and was minty.

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    Default Two out of so many gone

    A 1909 98 mauser actioned, John Buhmiller barreled .257 Roberts AI with an exquisite Flame maple stock that shot three shot one hole groups at 100 with several loads. Had an old Balvar scope and external adjustment mounts that was a great scope. The other a Contender G2 with a custom compensated barrel in .373JDJ and new Weaver pistol scope that I never got to shoot.

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