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Thread: Dixie Terminator 12 ga slugs

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    Default Dixie Terminator 12 ga slugs

    Some questions ... What are these..?? . Where can they be got...? Can they be handloaded to shoot in a paradox Hastings barrel ,.,.,? How would they be crimped?? THANK YOU .....

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    Default Actually

    Actually if you search a bit there are some posts on this.

    And, the gentleman who manages the company is sending some to me to try. I will do a complete report on how I find them to be. I have been shooting slugs for 39 years or more and will evaluate them as best I can. I will even try to take a black bear with one this spring up in Unit 13 to get some actual field experience.

    As soon as I can do a test I will.
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    I tried out some of the Dixie Terminator shells. The man to talk to is James C. Gates his web page is They make 5 loads the first is the Tri Ball ll this consists of 3 300 grain balls in a three inch 12 guage Mag. The next is a Predator ll which is a hollow base slug at 1400fps. This round fired from my 18 1/2 inch 500 Mossberg over my Chrony clocked 1401fps. Then they have the original Terminators which weight a whopping 730 grains at 1200 fps which was also verfied as a realistic claim over my chrony + or - a few fps. By special order you can get the same slug at 1300 and 1500 fps.

    One thing I should tell you---I ordered 3 boxes of the 600 grain predator and 3 boxes of the Terminators a 730 Grain. I did not order any of the tri-ball. When they got here I opened one of the boxes labeled Terminator and noticed that thay were all high base brass with blue plastic hulls, there were no markings on the shells to tell you what they were after I took them out of the terminator box. Without examining the shells closely I stuffed four of them in my magazine tube. They I opened a box that was marked "Predator" which would have been 600 grains at 1400 fps. It was also in the high brass blue hull shell identical with other 4 shells I had taken out of the "Terminator" box---also with no markings on the hull to indicate what it was.

    My intention was to shoot the 600 predator first and then compare the recoil with the 730 grain Terminator, then I was going to fire the remaining 3 terminators to see if they all fed through my magazine well. I did not notice much difference between the first two rounds I was shooting at a paper plate stapled to a large green hickory stump, but the third round I fired put 3 new holes in my paperplate! I looked for wadding that might have caused the 2 extra holes but could not find any. It looks as though one of what I thought was a 730 gr. terminator was actually one of the tri ball loads (not ordered). I contacted Mr. Gates and he assured me that this could not be and that they had run out of different color shells for the different loads and had stamps ordered which would identify how they were loaded.

    Outside of that they were pretty impressive and the recoil was not bad---after I added some foam rubber to my stock.

    Thanks for the offer to drop by for a visit if I ever get to Hoonah---It looks like I will be going to Pybus bay on Admarilty Island this summer (sleeping bag will be inside) ;-) but I had hoped to make it to Sitka maybe next year and If the airline will let me lay over a day I would like to meet you and swap some yarns.

    Have a good one,

    Lee Phillips

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    Default How do they work?

    So how did the Black Bear hunt go?
    Did the Slugs arrive?
    Did they work?




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