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Thread: Thin Spots For Ice Fishing

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    Default Thin Spots For Ice Fishing

    I think we should list the known thin spots on ice fishing lakes. I have been doing a lot of research on this and have found very little information on dagerous areas of even the most common lakes. I think a stick thread dedicated for fisherman to post thin areas they have discovered or springs they can remember would be a good asset for someone who was looking for information on a new lake.

    Hidden Lake
    Big Lake
    Long Lake
    Lake Louise
    Anchorage Lakes
    Valley Lakes
    Fairbanks Lakes
    Peninsula Lakes

    I know there are bad spots on big lake, Lake Louise, and Hidden Lake. I just dont know where they are. Hopefully people just start chiming in and we get a good list! I will organise this thread if we get enough interest.

    Thanks everyone! Have a fun and safe time out there!

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    Go for a drive, and call it research! J/K. Stay on the ice road on big lake, you'll be fine. There's a bad one on the right hand shoreline as you approach Burnt Point, and between Saddleback Island and Call of the Wild theres a shallow hump that has thin ice over it. Basically, any time you leave the road you risk hitting a thin spot.

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    Good info to know. I know there are a bunch of spots on the far side of hidden lake and of course by the inlet/outlet? right by the boat launch there. There are some people here that can chime in a lot better than I can though.

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    Default Ice strength

    This is for blue ice only, and remember too reduce the rating by 50 percent for parked loads. Stay away from outlets and inlets, or test drill every few feet as you approach them.


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