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Thread: Black Bear out of Valdez...

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    Question Black Bear out of Valdez...

    What is the average for a hunt out of Valdez for black bears on the beaches? Just looking into if it is feasable for my pay...Thanks in advance...

    Happy Hunting...

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    If the price of an outfitter is too much, try to hook up with another forum member here and offer to split the costs of the trip. If you're willing to go along and defer to the boat owner on the first shot, you might find someone willing to bring you along.


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    Default Boat rental

    There are two places to rent small skiffs in Valdez. Renting a skiff and staying at one of the cabins in Shoup or tenting it is about as cheap as you can go.

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    Default Bears and Butts

    AZin AK, drop me a pm. I will be in Valdez the last week of May 2007 until the first week of June. I'm sure we could work something out within the law. My normal hunting buddies are busy fighting the war this season. Will be taking the RV leaving from North Pole, will either sleep on the boat or tent it, no cabins were I bear hunt. I use my 21 foot river boat. Have put over a 1000 miles on the boat in PWS. Small boat, but well rigged. VHF, Plotter, Cold water suits, sat phone, $$$$$$$ and the list goes on.

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    What are the names of the 2 places that rent boats of of valdez?

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    Thumbs up serious hunter

    first off thank your hunting buddies for protecting us and taking time off their hunting for us. i hope their hunting over there is going well.

    very nice, professional quality set up/rig/s. i can see you take your hunting seriously and you even get out ther and use the stuff. my compliments.

    merry x mas.
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