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    Default Got busted today

    Went out to my coyote honey hole this morning. The snow hiking in was terrible. Every step was crunchy and every other step I fell into over my knees. I was about to my favorite calling locations when a pack of something started yipping and howling about a 1/2 mile from me. I decided to give it a try and called for about 10 minutes and didn't see a thing coming towards me. I figured it was probably a pack of wolves and they already had full bellies. I got up and started walking and about 500 yards downhill are 5 coyotes staring at me. I dropped down and let a couple shots fly but didn't connect. Even after I shot they weren't very nervous and just walked back into the brush. When I walked down to look for blood, it was apparent that they were coming to me and I should have called for a few more minutes. I'll let them rest for a week and go after them again after Christmas.

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    It wasn't a total loss. You still got to stumble across 5 coyotes staring at you like hoodlums on a street corner. The downside is you might have educated them by cranking off those shots.
    Now what ?

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    Just curious what are you shooting? 500 yards seems like a long ways and a small target,
    did you have a range finder? Better luck next time

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    That's my biggest problem too, patience. If they aren't crawling up my barrel by the third toot I'm ready to go. Gotta really force myself to give them 45 minutes like I should.

    Good luck next week, take no prisoners.
    It doesn't matter what you miss them with.

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    Homer, always good to see some dogs around a honey hole even if it didn't workout. Curious, how long were you on that stand? BTW, my experience is that when an entire pack lights up near to where you are calling they made you and are putting the word out as you said. Good stuff though.

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    I'm shooting a .22-.250. The area I'm calling gives me a real good view of the approaching basin. Last year I took 2 coyotes out of the same spot. The year before that I got 2 more along with a wolf, so it's a productive spot. By the looks of where the tracks made a U-turn, If I had waited 1-2 more minutes they would have been visible to me. Looking back on it, I probably shouldn't have shot, but they weren't nervous and presented me with a broadside shot. I carry 4 mouth calls and will probably take the Foxpro out with me to give them some different calls other than a distressed rabbit.

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    Default trade ya

    I'd trade you situations in a second. I just moved back to Arkansas(against my will). I have arrowed 2 white tailed does and caught a pig of a small mouth bass in the past month but I'd trade it all for a unsuccessful day of hunting in Alaska. It is just not the same down here. Fun, but not the same. I cant wait to get back!! Good luck hunting up there this winter!!
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