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Thread: Opinions on TTC

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    Default Opinions on TTC

    Have heard about a hide preservative called Taxidermy Trophy Care and was looking for your experiences/opinions about it.

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    Default works too well?

    Ya, that TTC works-----very well. We used it on 4 brownies this spring and it did the job, but I wouldn't use too much. I used 1 bottle (quart size I believe) on my 9 footer, but was careful not to put too much in the head,lips and ears. The taxidermist told me it was a good thing I did not over do it, since it really shrinks things up. The tannery was pretty worried about getting the hides to stretch back out, but did just fine having to hydrate them a couple times (they had not dealt with TTC before). One bottle weights 4.5 lbs and does the job of a 20-25lb bag of salt. You can get the stuff at Wiggy's in Anchrorage. Mark will tell you all you need to know on this stuff.

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    Default Tag Bags

    You might also invest in some TAG bags. these game bags are washable and dry fast which really helps keep your game in the best condition until you can get it back to the freezer. Also at Wiggys I believe

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    Default TAG bags??

    I have heard about these bags numerous times. Can anybody tell me what they are made out of?
    I have made game bags myself out of breathable rip-stop nylon. Very thin. light/ breathable and almost indestructable. I have used them over and over again on elk hunts and have never had meat spoilage. Never had anything in them for more than 3 days though.


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