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Thread: Small game in the white mountains

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    Default Small game in the white mountains

    I've been going up to the white mountain Rec area (just outside of fbx)to do some snowmachinging this winter, and I'd like to maybe try and bag a few hare or bird up there. Has anybody had any luck up there? Any other good spots around Fairbanks besides the dykes? I've been out On old Murphy dome rd. But not this year. Let me know where you guys are getting some luck

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Nome creek

    The last few years I have had good luck going up Nome creek. By now the ptarmies should be down along the creek bed and willows. The road back there starts at 50 something Steese Hwy. just past the davidson ditch turn off about a hundred yards. Right now you probably have to unload the machine at the highway and start back from there. Let me know how you do I am probably going up there in the next week or so.


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