So Im usually a fly fisher but im thinking about getting into spin casting or bait casting. But I dont really know what im getting into when it comes reel and line combination.

I want to get two reels, one to take pinks/chums and a second larger one to take silver/kings. Im not very good at fishing so its very hard for me to play with fish to bring them in after 20 minutes fightng, I end up having to muscle them nine times out of ten. (one of the reasons why I don't go after trout.)

For the king/silver set up I was thinking about getting a baitcast reel. but the most they seem to accept is a hundred or so yards of 12 pound test. but for the king/silver set up I was thinking about using braided line, so like 50lb test so that I could bring in a large king without snapping lines. But im not really sure how they work and how the diameters of regluar line compare with braided lines.

So what should I use for bringing in big fish? What kind of reels? What kind of lines? What do you guys use?