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Thread: trapping near lake louise?

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    Default trapping near lake louise?

    my dad and i are going to head towards the lake louise are to set some traps for lynx coyotes fox wolverine and wolves. i was wondering how people have done in that area.. my dad said that we would set them earlier in the morning then come back in a few days to check them.

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    lake louise road is hammered with people trapping both sides. not me but i asked who waws up there and I had a ton of folks chime in. So if you are going to head that direction remember there are people on either side of the road on lake louise road. Legally you have every right to be there. BUT these folks have been there for years and some live off the money they sell the furs for. If it were me I'd trapp the left side of the glen from lake louise road towards glen allen I'm pretty sure that section is not trapped by anyone.. Good luck whatever you decide...

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    we where not gonna do the lake louise road we where gonna go more towards glenallen

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    Default great

    awsome that will make alot of the folks that trap that area feel better. Lots of cats up that way this year. and fox

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    Actually there are SEVERAL people trapping all the way to Glennallen so please pay attention and respect other peoples lines. The road system from Long Lake to Glennallen and beyond is recieving alot of trapping pressure this year....

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    we are targeting lynx when we go up there. and we might try to call something in if the weather is alright

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    I thought you may chime in there trailblazer. as far as calling goes pull into the pullouts and wait 20 min or so then try calling. lots of folks bunny hunt in those and they clean them right there so the fox are there just waiting for a free meal.


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