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Thread: Predator calling question.

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    Default Predator calling question.

    What is the best method of calling to bring in a lynx? I'll be hunting in an area where I know there are fox, wolves, lynx and coyotes and I'd prefer to get a lynx. I've got a call that allows me to record my own sounds. My wife's cat will bawl and moan if I take it into the car (it hates being in the car), so I intend to record that. I'm sure all the other predators would be somewhat interested in a cat in distress call. The big question is, would the lynx be freaked by the sound of another cat in distress?

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    I have never called a lynx so I do not know the answer to your question. I do know that a coyote will eat house cats. Where I call if you find many coyotes in a area you will not find any free roaming cats in that area.

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    woodpecker distress. this works on lynx...

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    Default Snowshoe

    I've had luck calling them in with a mouth call once and an electronic caller 4 other times. The sounds that seem to work the best are really "busy" sounding, or distressed rabbits, especially Snowshoes. FoxPro's, High Pitch, 1 and 2 Snowshoe are good one's that'll work for you. Once you stop playing the caller though, those Lynx just sit down and start searching for the sound. Once it plays again, they move. At least that's what I've witnessed.


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