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Thread: "Do it myself" Airplane Caribou Hunt?

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    Default "Do it myself" Airplane Caribou Hunt?

    Hello Alaskan Pilots/Hunters,

    I own a 1973 Maule M-4 210 HP with 29' tires and oversized tailwheel too. Anyway I really enjoy your forum, and am planning on a August 2010 "Do it myself" caribou hunt.

    After reading reading everything I can from this, other forums, and books I think hunting upstream from the Villige of Noatak would be my best bet for caribou. I had considered hunting off the Dalton Highway, but am not familiar with landing areas there and think the gravel bars on the Noatak would be a better option.

    The time frame I'm considering is the first three weeks in August flying flying up from North Idaho. So far I have an Iridium sat phone, and a possible wingman in another Maule.

    Flying in Alaska is not my backyard, like North Idaho is. This self supported flight and hunt to Noatak will require a lot of logistics as well as cash $$.

    Last September I planned, and packed for a two week elk hunt in the Idaho Wilderness with my Maule. Luckily I shot a nice 6x6 bull elk on opening day. It was however disconcerting to see all the bones and carcases left by the recently introduced wolves.

    Anyway any information regarding landing areas, hazards, or just the address of a big double shovel caribou would be greatly appreciated. I've got some connections with DHL shipping to get the meat home.

    It would be great to tag along with some local pilots, or just get some realistic advice. Thanks in advance!


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    Default Fuel....

    It all comes down to fuel. Make sure that you have fuel available in the areas that you are wanting to go or else plan on bringing your own. A lot of the small "village" strips dont have any services unless you can convince a local to help you out.


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