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    Just started reloading last spring and have had pretty good luck so far, but have a couple of questions I'm sure someone here can answer.

    I have a few of the "One Book/One Caliber" manuals that list several manufacturers load data. It also lists data published by the powder manufacturers. An example I have is .223 in 55gr. Hornady using Varget powder. The Hornady sections max load is a grain or two less than the Hodgdon section. I know to work up to max load in increments, but am curious a to why the two are different. Any ideas?

    The other question I have is that I'm looking for load data for a 2-1/2" .44 mag using either 200 or 240 grain bullets. I've found some for 4", but nothing shorter. I tried Blue Dot as well as H110 for powders so far but was thinking about trying some Unique as that is showing up on lots of short barrel tables I'm finding. I'm not confident enough yet to make a decision like that on my own and was hoping someone could chime in here as to their preferred short barrell load for a .44 mag.


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    Each company who produces Reloading manuals most likely use different firearms and this would account for some of the differences. Other variable's are different brand of bullets, type of primer, brand of brass, lot # of powder, etc.
    Every weapon is different and each individual component change may affect the outcome.

    Unique is a good powder for short barreled revolvers but I never chronongraphed any of my 44 mag loads while using it. Many good choices for the 44 such as Unique, WW 296, and H110 among others but I only have expereince with those I listed. If you have any more questions drop me a PM and I'll send back my phone number.


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