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    So I've had the software loaded on my laptop for almost 6 months and I went to run BaseCamp and it wouldn't open. I removed/reinstalled twice and pushed all updates.

    Question is...Has anyone upgraded to Windows 7 and not been able to run their Garmin Topo software?
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    I have Garmin software on another computer that runs XP, but have a new laptop that has Windows 7. I was wondering this the other night and ran a google search on the topic. If I recall correctly, Garmin has an updated driver on its website that will make the software run in Windows 7. Google it up - it's out there. Good luck.

    Edit: I tried looking stuff up for your Basecamp and haven't found anything yet. I think what I found the other night was for MapSource, which is what I have. Sorry.

    Here is the latest on the drivers for Basecamp. Maybe one of them will work? Update to the latest.
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