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Thread: 45 Colt BisHunter Project...

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    Smile 45 Colt BisHunter Project...

    Here's the new BisHunter 45 Colt project. I'm pretty jazzed up about it. The gun is a Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter Bisley 45 Colt. I just got my hands on it and haven't even shot it yet! It's one of 279 limited production 45 Colt SBH Bisley Hunters. They made 603 with the regular SBH grip frame. Bore slugs at .451, throats are tight at .451 as well. I'll shoot it and then probably have the throats reamed to .4525 and try it with and without a Belt Mountain base pin and see how that works out.

    I just got the scope today. Weaver 2x28 Classic. I think it was made for this gun. Size is just right. Fits between the sites perfect and only weighs 6 ozs. ER is excellent. According to info I could find, guys are saying this scope can handle lots of heavy recoil. Weaver says it was made to handle 1000's of 454 rounds. I'll see how it works out with the full house 45 Colt loads. The tube is one solid piece, optics are Japanese, scope says made in Japan. I wonder who makes the optics for Weaver. I wish Leupold or Burris made a 2x28, all they make is 2x20. I figure the 28mm will gather more light. Not interested in a variable 32mm 12oz scope. It seems you have to screw the rear site all the way down for them to fit. I hope to get it dialed in with the scope and sites and then I can pull the scope if I want and be good to go.

    Mould is a custom LBT, .452 350gr with an 80% metplat. I named it the Hammer. I just started casting and haven't even been able to seat any gas checks or lube any yet. I do have 9 though left from the ones the guy sent me when I bought the mould from him. I've shot a few through the 4" Redhawk. At least a I have some to send down range on the next warm day! I've got a few hundred pounds of lead to run through it though and a couple other moulds.

    I've been toying with handgun hunting but never got really serious. More like "If I can I'll shoot one with the pistol instead of my rifle" I hope to get this combo dialed and I think this spring for blackies and next fall for moose I need to get serious.

    As always, I'm open to input and suggestions in getting this thing lined out. I've never scoped a handgun before. It'll be interesting to see how/if I like it after a shoot a few hundred rounds.

    The parts...

    Slap it on just to see how it fits and check the ER! Perfect fit.

    The Hammer LBT Mould

    The 350gr Hammer next to a 360gr CastPerformace WLN.

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    That second picture looks great! The scope looks like it fits that pistol perfectly. I see what you mean about choosing the 28 mm over the 20 or 32. That combination there looks balanced and hopefully handles as good as it looks for you. I tend to think the added weight of the scope should help reduce muzzle flip and stabilize the pistol for follow up shots. Especially with the large bullets you'll be sending down range.

    I haven't scoped a pistol yet either, but have a Ruger MKIII 22 that I'm considering scoping. I'm curious to hear how well you like your pistol scoped, how well it carries for you (I know you're hunting a suitable holster), if you find it faster to gain a sight picture or if the scope slows you down. Seems at first the scope might slow you down, but after practicing with it and becoming acustomed to the scoped pistol, I expect it will be an advantage. Just my thoughts.

    Thanks for posting, you have a very interesting project going there. I've enjoyed tracking your progress.


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    Default Thors Hammer!!!

    Those Boolits are way cool. I love the look of those things. Do they fit into the cylinder ok? I know some filks had issues with the heavier--350 and up--Keith style boolits with the shoulder hitting the throat. I am sure you have seen this, but cool article:

    For the first time in almost ten years, I am getting excited about handgun hunting. Growing up, I have taken more than a dozen whitetail, countless hogs and one turkey with a handgun--mostly 44 mag and 454's, used a 475 one year. I was on a Freedom Arms kick for a while. We used to do some predatory hunting with handgun as well. Haven't hunted anything up here with a handgun, but am getting geared up for it. This year I have shot more for fun more than anything after tagging out on a moose and caribou with my bow. Been on a pure 45 colt kick this year.

    That thing shoot shoot amazingly well off a rest scoped. I have the first run of the Hunter in a 44 mag, and it shoots great out of the box. The hunters are simply a great setup if you want a scope. I think they are even more solid than the SOB mount on a FA. Great gun you found and cannot wait to hear how she shoots.

    As an aside, I got out and shot my 45 Accusport Bisley last weekend--Shot great but the trigger was rough. Tore it down when I got home and found a metal in the works. The surfaces were fine, so think the shaving was causing the issue. I was also surprised at how strong the mainstring is compared to my Vaquero and Old Model 45's. Think a spring kit is in its future.

    Very jealous of that mould. I do not think I am going to start casting my own anytime soon, but did pick up 218lbs of lead last week. I friend had it in their barn--person they bought the cabin from had left it. About half is in sheet lead, the rest already in ingots. The sheet seems pretty pure--soft--but some of the ingots seem like WW's. Would love to do some swappin sometime to pick up a few of those 350's to try.

    Keep us updated--and certainly want to hear about the cylinder reaming. I need to slug my main shooters--sad to say, but I have no idea what the bore or throats are.

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    Looks like you may end up with a favorite gun and the rest of your guns will go begging for a trip to the woods

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    Snyd I am jealous that is a great looking setup you have there! Can't wait to see the range reports on it as you work up some loads and try out those bullits you are casting. If you ever end up with any extra bullits you need a new home for let me know.


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    Snyd, If you are just starting casting I can really recommend getting Veral Smith's little book "Jacketed performance from Cast Bullets". He was the originator of the LBT bullets and knew more about them than just about anyone. It is full of good info on heat treating, alloys etc. Good Luck


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