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Thread: Custom Weld Storm 22

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    Default Custom Weld Storm 22

    I am looking at a low time reasonable priced CW Storm.

    Anyone out there have anything good or bad to say about these boats. Let me know what you know or think.



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    I have a 21' storm and can't say enough about the boat. It is probably one of the top quality boats out there. I have never had any issues with the boat and it performs well. Definately better quality than thunderjet, northriver, woolridge (modern ones). The welds are a work of art. The Kodiak marine engine is much better than the marine power engine setups. I have the 212 pump with a 330 PFI engine. Runs awesome. You won't go wrong with a Custom Weld.

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    Default Service

    Who do you use for service? And how do you feel about local support? With this kind of investment I want good suport and representation in South Central.


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    I have not needed to service the boat in the three years up here in Alaska. I change my own oil, and flush the coolant when needed. Other than that it is just gas it up and go. Pump maintenance can be done by A1 propeller or any of the other folks that do impeller work. Engine is a standard 350. Other than that the hull is a fine piece of aluminum work that does not need anything done to it.


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