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Thread: date of manufacture for old Winchester

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    Default date of manufacture for old Winchester

    Looking for website to identify date of manufacture for older M94 five serial number commemorative rifle in .30-30. Has octagon barrel, shoots like a dream. Winchester site does not list it in the Historical Timeline, at least not specifically. It was my Dad's rifle, I remember as a youngster seeing a friend of my Dad's arrive on the family farm with it, he was an FFL dealer, and had purchased a special run of these rifles. He talked my Dad into buying it. It has been a valuable varminter for at least 30 years. He only shot coyotes and ground hogs with it. Anyone have a reliable source I can contact? I understand the five serial number M94s are somewhat rare and valuable.

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    Which commemorative is it? Are there any letter prefixes to the serial #? More complete info will get a better answer.


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