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Thread: When was the last Awesome king year?

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    Default When was the last Awesome king year?

    Hi guys,

    Ive only been part of this forum for about 2 years now. It seems like both years I have read about or been part of have been quite poor in terms of King returns.

    When was the last time you guys remember having a great King year in terms of return?

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    3 years ago..... lol

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    05 Was the last Great year especially in the Valley. 06 wasn't bad either. 07 was the start of the decline. Not bad fishing by any means just not what it was.


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    2005 & 2006 Great King Years!

    2005 had a much more stable season clear into the late fall... while 2006 had major storms with major floods in late August/early September.

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    1995 was a good king year. Lots of big fish

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    I generally spend a week on the Kenai every year. Past 5 seasons on the river have been a MIXED bag.

    2004 - late run last week of July, eastside setnets in the water EVERY day, fishing average, but NO big fish. My boat logged 214 rod-hrs for 39 strikes, 21 fish to the boat, only 3 over 40# vast majority were 20# or less

    2005 - early run last week of June, Kasilof beach nets in the water all but one day, fishing considerably better, 251 rod-hrs for 51 strikes, 32 fish to the boat, size distribution more like what you would expect for Kenai.... lots in the 40's and 50's, biggest est 67#.

    2006 - late run last week of July, eastside setnets shut down, all-time best king fishing I've EVER experienced in 33 years on the river, 314 rod-hrs for 91 strikes, 47 fish to the boat, size distribution healthy.... 3 Release-A-Hog bucks that were in the 60-70# plus range.

    2007 - late June early July (straddle week between runs), Kasilof beach nets regular periods, all-time worst week of king fishing in 34 years, 273 rod hrs for 35 strikes, 15 fish to the boat, LOTSA anorexic rats and biggest fish was only 32 pounds.

    2008 - late run last week of July, eastside setnets shut down, second best week of king fishing in 35 years, 291 rod hours for 67 strikes, 35 fish to the boat, good size distribution, one Release-A-Hog est 64# was the biggest fish of the week.

    2009 - Fished only one day (July 5) with a board member whose boat would go 8 for 20 by day's end. Don't get too excited about our success, though...vast majority were absolute dinks! Talk about your veritable rat-fest! Only only landed 2 real fish worthy of the title king..... plus 2 single digit rats and 4 sub-taggable micro-jacks! Most of the ones that didn't stick couldn't even pull drag off the reel. However, one stunningly beautiful platinum trophy buck made the whole trip worthwhile. My brother hosted several trips in our boat later in the month, but really struggled for bites. His report was, "You picked an excellent year NOT to come."

    So yes, it can be a bit of a roller coaster ride from year to year. You gotta roll with the punches. Just remember, your odds of getting blanked are infinitely greater if you never get a line wet. Can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for me and my crew.
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