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    Question Moose Hunt - Renew Air Taxi - Help

    Planning an '07 moose hunt in 17B, most likely with RENEW Air Taxi. Anybody ever use them or hear of them? Will probably fly to a large lake, then use boat/motor to get to hunting grounds. I've read that the moose hunting should be decent, but 'bou are almost non-existent. Probably still get a 'bou tag, just in case and shoot down for black bear. Anybody ever hunt the lakes north of Lake Beverly? Any info would be great.

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    Hope the info is helpful.


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    Only one person out there with input????

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    I worked for this gentleman for a few years and have maintained a friendship with he and his family since then. I have spent much time in the area the you describe, and would concur that your chances of moose are good, caribou marginal, depending on their wanderings, and incidental on the black bear.
    I haven't flown with him for some time now, but he is a good, safe pilot. The country you speak of is beautiful and fishing is good in the lakes. You should have a great time, hopefully great weather and an overall wonderful experience.
    Communicate well before the hunt, this winter if at all possible before the show season kicks in to insure that both parties are in agreement of services and expectations.
    Good Hunting!

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    Default Out of anchorage

    Expect some company any time you fly out of Anchoage. Remember that Lake Hood has half the float planes in the world. A guy I work with has had nothing but good words to say about the outfit.


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    flew with these guys in 2004 out of Dillingham every thing went great. 60" moose. great time


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