I know there are many threads on this, however I am looking for one in particular. Last Fall I went fishing in Seward near Thumb Cove. There at the forest cabin there was a set-up like I have never seen and what to know how to make it. Maybe someone knows of a contraption as such that I will try to explain and g post the full details on what is needed.
OK: it was a five gallon bucket that you poured a mixture of hot and cold wat to suit your liking. The actual hose and shower head is what is confusing. It was a normal showerhead like you see in RV use with that type of hose. However I forget how it was connected to the bucket. What I do remember is that it went in from the top, not drilled in the bottom.as it sat in the bottom of the bucket it had some peices attached. It had a "U" connected to the shower hose and sat in the bottom. What the pieces were I don't remember. You were however able to shut off the supply via the button on hte head. So I ask you, how does this contraption work? and how do I make one? It obviously is some kind of syphon action going on. I also know that it has to be higher than the person taking the shower, so gravity plays a part. so does the "U" act as the syphon starter? I just don't know the sizes of the things, does anyone?