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Thread: Help with 2005 suzuki king quad reverse problems

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    Default Help with 2005 suzuki king quad reverse problems

    -2005 Suzuki 700 King Quad bought brand new from dealer vin JSAAP41A45210309
    -2 miles when bought in Fall of 2005.
    -now has 1000 miles of light driving no mud
    -working on food plots this fall and put in reverse overdrive (b/c that is what dealer recommended everytime you go in reverse)
    -the bike will shift fine in forward High and Low and neutral
    -took to local ATV dealer b/c the warranty went out
    -I had read of issues with the reverse of course after the purchase in 2005 and recall from Suzuki
    -dealer will not cover recall issue

    Has anyone had the same issues and what was the outcome?

    Any ideas other than paying the +Grand, Selling, setting on Fire, pushing off high cliff (not many here in Louisiana)...etc...

    Thanks in advance for your advice....

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    Did the dealer accomplish all the recalls that were involved on this ATV?

    Bought one when they first came out and if memory serves me correctly there were 2 or 3 recalls all involving the reverse issue.

    Also remember something to the effect the trannie would be warranted for 4 years because of the same problem.

    If this ATV is older than 4 years you will be paying for the repairs yourself. Could be a simple fix, or not. If the reverse gear did go out I think the cases have to be split to be repaired which is serious money.

    Suggest you ask the same question on the Suzuki ATV or High Lifter Forums.

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    yep, the 2005's had a reverse issue that would pretty much grenade the trans when it let loose.... sounds like you on your way to a pulverized tranny....

    does it make any disturbing noises when you jack the rear axle, put it in reverse and rotate the wheels?

    hit e-bay and pick up a 06 or 07 tranny to swap in. that will be your mose economical way to get back on the trail
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