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    I have a drahthaar in training that belongs to a client. Will go through basics, force fetch and a bird program directed for upland pointing dogs. Yes, this dog has the ear tatoo. I already looked.

    I once encountered a drahthaar training group while I was out training the dogs on my truck. Very nice folks. I told this client that I would try to put him in contact with them.
    Anybody know anybody? .....


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    You might try contacting the arctic bird dog association... if nothing else, I am sure they can point your client in the right direction....

    I used to train with Jenny H quite a bit and she raised and trained Drats and was quite active with them, but she moved out of the state a couple yrs ago....

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    Default Drahthaar Org

    I am guessing that you ran into the group a few years ago? The Drahthaar Organization here in Alaska is not an active organazation similar to the Arctic Bird Dog Association will annual training groups. The group members might get together a couple times a year to hunt, but they really don't do much group training because most of the dogs are mature dogs. There is a guy in Fairbanks who is the POC for the Alaska VDD-GNA (Verein Deutsch Drahthaar - Group North America) and he goes by the name Woody. He can be contacted at


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