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Thread: Can I pick yer brains fer a minute?

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    Default Can I pick yer brains fer a minute?

    I recently had a .220 Swift rifle done up on a G33-40 Mauser, the barrel I found happened to have a 1-10 twist. What I had in mind was shooting some of the "heavy" .224 diameter bullets, say 85 gr. and up.
    My thinking was that with the 1-10, and a bit more velocity, I SHOULD be able to match the long range accuracy of the 1-7 and 1-8 twist 5.56 rifles with the long range-type bullets.
    Anyone loaded bullets heavier than 70 gr. in the Swift? Looking for some start loads, and I can go from there......

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    Darrell: I shoot an 80 gr Sierra in a 1-7 twist 22-250. I get 2900 fps from it. The first time I took it out, after sight in, shot a milk jug at 500m in a 30 mph cross wind with three consecutive shots. I would never have expected that level of accuracy in that kind of wind. Good luck with yours. J.

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    May want to check with the bullet manufacturer before you buy the heavier bullets. They would be happy to tell you the twist rates they recommend for their bullets. My friends 22-243 has a 1 in 8 twist douglas and he shoots 80 gr hornady A-max's.

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    My experience in other calibers with similar twist/bullet length challenges sezz you're likely to be disappointed at the range stretches. You might get good accuracy closer in, but as the velocity begins to drop off with range, the groups really open up beyond normal for a well-stabilized bullet. Try it for sure, but keep you fingers crossed.

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    I doubt you will be able to stabilize 80 grainers in a 10 twist. Usually 22 bullets that heavy require at least an 8 twist. Look up "greenhill formula" and do the math for a sure answer.


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