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    I know there's only a few trad guys on here..but if you havent tried should! Man it really quieted my longbow down, if it wasnt quiet enough. It also took the thump out of it..not like it had much if at all to begin with, now it has none.

    You'll have to play a little to get a serving that fits...I did a under serving 3.5"es long of 8lb mono with my regular .026 spectra over it. Worked perfect on 5/16ths classics. I may have to redo it depending on it wears...we'll see. But new it fits perfectly. Leaving the tag end long so you serve over it will increase the diameter just enough..or you could just move up in size mono if you have it.

    Fun stuff...but why in sam heck do I have to tinker like this before my monday back to work ugg...gonna be TIRED today LOL!

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    How skinny? 8 strand or less?
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    I built an 8 strand dyna for a 60lb r/d longbow. Loops are padded to 14 or 15 strands,

    The mono underneath could be used on any string that you come up with that's too small for your nocks IF you cant find a bigger diameter serving locally, which is at one point a very common problem I had up here. To the point I drove to anchorage for some material from another string maker who saved my duff! Not something most guys in the lower 48 would do, consider a 700+ mile round trip journy for a spool of thread LOL!


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