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    I will get my jet boat up here this summer, it's a 25 foot Fishrite with a 460 inboard jet, not a lot of "V". It has high sides though for a jet boat. How much will I be able to use this in PWS or Seward safely?
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    I have taken my 20' weldcraft with a mp350 and AT309 hd out of seward to pony cove that is like 24 miles out and did not have any issues. I have 34" sides with a 14 degree dead rise. Mostly dead calm going out at 6:30am, but coming back around noon 3-4' chop with 8' swells and didnt have any problems. Watch the weather. It can get pretty nasty crossing at Bear glacier out of Seward.

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    if the chop is close together like most of time out of whittier-pws, and sewerd you are asking for trouble in a flat bottom. Is your life worth it? Now don't me wrong there are a lot of days that are glass. but even then sometime it blows like crazy and even with out a lot wind. My boat has 10 degree deadrise and 40 degree bow. does good in the rough stuff up to 6 feet- scary though waves have so much power. But if it get close or stacked you are done. Been there done that. Ripped my hull open 2 feet. Opened my eyes. I knew it was rough but made it in. So basically yes you can use it anywhere just not over 2 feet i would say. I hate seward. Blows up almost every afternoon. Good fishing though.

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    I try to avoid rough water period. It sounds like I won't be taking this to Pony Cove much, I have taken U.S.Army boats there many times, but they are built for it. It sounds like I'll be using this in the rivers or close trips in Seward, or good weather only.
    Time to get to know the Deshka Landing it looks like, and from what I have read there are some awesome places to go up there. I'm beginning to study the Big Su area, sounds like a great place to take the family too. Thanks.
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    Not sure exactly which model you have but from what I saw at Fishrites website I would assume that you have an adaquate boat for going to Pony Cove. Always watch the weather and listen to the forecast, that is key to an enjoyable trip. I have been out in water that is rougher than I should have been in and it really taught me to pay attention to the forcasts. In all the trips I have made out of Seward only once should I have not gone and another time it was questionable. I wouldn't pass on it for sure, you will enjoy the time you spend out there if you watch the weather. Generally speaking if they are forecasting 2' seas that could mean anywhere from flat to 2'. You well very seldom if ever hear them forecast anything less than 2'. If they forecast 3'-4'seas well its best to stay in. Just my 2 cents.

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    You related to Nick?


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