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    ok, so ive read all the article on the internet about how to make the snares and watched the videos on how to set them but i still dont have a bunny to show for it. Heres what I have ..... snares made with 24ga steel wire with an opening of about 6 1/2 inches set about 4-6 inches off a very well beaten trail.I have had these set for 3 days now and only one look sprung but it also looks like a moose went through the area as well. Right now I just have these set on my own property before venturing out to look for more. any tips or pointers on location heights or anything else I may be doing wrong. This is my first go at this so any help would be appreciated... my wife doesnt think I can do it....

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    its way easier to trap them in a 110 conibear and they wont squeel so u wont have to worry as much about something getting them... all u have to do is put an apple or carrot on the trigger and set it. we have done this a bunch of times and got one almost everytime we checked

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    Default Your snares...

    Are set too high up to catch them and they are going under them. Set the bottom of the snare loop about 2 inch's off the ground and you want a loop that is about 4 inch's across or so. Also, you can really fence them in. Set a stick over the top of the snare and then some on the sides of the trail they are using so as to funnel them into the snare. They will go under the stick and stick their neck right in the snare.



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