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Thread: NRS Offering Polyurethane Coated Boats

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    Default NRS Offering Polyurethane Coated Boats

    Just to add another boat choice to the mix...looks like NRS will be offering a Revolution Series of rafts in 2010 with a polyurethane coating. I have a hypalon raft and wish at times it was much slipprier in low water like a Sotar. Hopefully AR&K and BlueMoose will have a few to show off leaving some of us wondering how we can convince our significant others that we need another boat.

    A good trip tale with mention of the new raft series:

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    Default Tracy is the Man

    Tracy and Mark have been talking about it. I am behind the power curve concerning the product. As always Tracy will be the man. I do have a telecom with him this week to get up to speed.

    I will make sure Mark or Tracy gets in on the conversation on Tues.


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