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Thread: Unit 23 'bou regs??

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    Default Unit 23 'bou regs??

    Someone on this board said we need to leave evidence of sex attached to our 'bou but I dont see that in the regs.
    The regs states that in areas where you can only hunt a single sex you have to leave evidence of sex attached but it looks to me like unit 23 is either sex for 'bou in September.
    Am I missinterpreting the regs?

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    You seem to have it right, Bruce. If the hunt is restricted to one sex, antlers are not considered evidence of sex unless they are attached to the complete carcass. In that case, you must leave evidence of sex attached to a rear quarter. They do check for this, so be sure to do it. If the hunt is either sex, though, you don't need to do this.



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