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Thread: Will I get stuck?

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    Default Will I get stuck?

    Hey looking for some advice, I was thinking of buying a cheap sled for icefishing.
    A arctic cat bearcat 440 with a 136" track. Is this pretty standard on the bearcat. I thought they had longer tracks normally. It has aca pro skis. wider up front. Looking to ride around Lake Louise, Susistna, Crosswinds.

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    Default you should be fine!

    Thats a popular sled for ice fishing and such. Don't worry about what skiis it has on it. Just make sure the sled runs well. I did see a guy this year put studs on the same sled, cause he said going thru over flow was a pain towing his ice fishing sled with all his gear in it. Just go over the sled in the warm garage, make sure everything is greased that needs it, you got good gas in it change any inline filters, they are cheap insurance. Make sure you have a good belt on there, and a spare blet packed away some where along with a fresh set of plugs. Investigate how to change all these in the WARM garage, cause it really sucks doing it out on a cold trail!! I also carry a headlamp and a set of thin mechanics gloves for doing repairs out in the field.
    Just my $.02

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    Depending on the conditions..ALL sleds will get stuck. Somewhere on the net is a video of me and my 159 x2" equipped SummitX stuck going DOWNHILL. The lakes you are talking about are well traveled and usually don't require a long track machine.
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    I would recommend staying away from the overflow on that sled, they don't do too well.


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