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Thread: Favorite .300 Wby Mag load data?

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    Default Favorite .300 Wby Mag load data?

    A friend just got a .300 Wby Mag and wants me to get some handloads dialed in for his rifle. I thought if anyone of you had a pet load you wanted to share, that would be a better starting point for me than the manuals.

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    Default My .300 Wby Go-to load

    I shoot a Remington model 700 in .300 Wby and through trial and error, have found the best load for my purposes:
    Nosler 180 gr Partition Protected Point
    Remington brass trimmed to 2.825"
    RL 22 81.0 grains
    Federal 215 primer
    LOA: 3.610
    This load gives me a velocity of 3100 fps in cool damp air (fall) and will consistantly shoot sub moa. It is important to use the protected point partition; the normal spire point partition didn't group near as tightly. I've harvested multiple brown bear, moose and black bear with this load.


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